Are you the official site? If not then who are you?

No. We are group of dedicated people who are monitoring the news as it is coming along. We are extracting the numbers and putting them up. The sources are mentioned here.

What does this site stands to gain from this?

It is very simple. This affects all of us. We are all in the same boat, rich or poor. We need to prevent the coronavirus spread as soon as possible. We also need to document the data so that people with knowledge are able to map the data.

TOTAL CASES5,978,967 TOTAL DEATHS364,576 TOTAL RECOVERED2,631,586 CHINA82,995 INDIA173,458 US1,782,884 ITALY232,248 BRAZIL443,876 QATAR52,907 FRANCE186,835 IRELAND24,876 NORWAY8,422 BAHRAIN10,449 ISRAEL16,987 AUSTRALIA7,173 IRAN146,668 INDONESIA25,216 SINGAPORE33,860 ICELAND1,805 CZECHIA9,180 SLOVENIA1,473 GERMANY182,917 BELGIUM58,061 IRAQ5,873 POLAND23,155 SPAIN285,644 NETHERLANDS46,126 DENMARK11,593 PHILIPPINES16,634 FINLAND6,776 SWEDEN36,476 THAILAND3,076 SWITZERLAND30,828 ROMANIA18,982 ESTONIA1,859 PORTUGAL31,946 MALAYSIA7,732 AUSTRIA16,655 UK271,222 GREECE2,909 JAPAN16,683