Are you the official site? If not then who are you?

No. We are group of dedicated people who are monitoring the news as it is coming along. We are extracting the numbers and putting them up. The sources are mentioned here.

What does this site stands to gain from this?

It is very simple. This affects all of us. We are all in the same boat, rich or poor. We need to prevent the coronavirus spread as soon as possible. We also need to document the data so that people with knowledge are able to map the data.

TOTAL CASES96,727,446 TOTAL DEATHS2,068,303 TOTAL RECOVERED69,425,534 CHINA88,557 INDIA10,596,442 US24,809,841 ITALY2,400,598 BRAZIL8,575,742 QATAR148,000 FRANCE2,938,333 IRELAND176,839 NORWAY59,456 BAHRAIN98,260 ISRAEL570,503 AUSTRALIA28,740 IRAN1,348,316 INDONESIA939,948 SINGAPORE59,197 ICELAND5,975 CZECHIA909,131 SLOVENIA152,835 GERMANY2,071,473 BELGIUM681,250 IRAQ609,852 POLAND1,450,747 SPAIN2,370,742 NETHERLANDS921,580 DENMARK190,619 PHILIPPINES505,939 FINLAND41,166 SWEDEN533,265 THAILAND12,653 SWITZERLAND502,191 ROMANIA700,898 ESTONIA38,544 PORTUGAL566,958 MALAYSIA169,379 AUSTRIA398,096 UK3,466,849 GREECE149,462 JAPAN334,328